I am Calm and Protected Mala

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Howlite is a powerful calming stone that can help to rid oneself of stress and anxiety. Amethyst offers spiritual protection and purification by cleansing one's energy field of negative influences and attachments.

The I am Calm and Protected Mala is made of a combination of 104 6 mm natural howlite and amethyst beads with an additional 4 silver plated hematite beads for a total of 108 beads. The beads have been individually strung with strong nylon cord and are finished with a beautiful rectangular amethyst guru bead, a silver plated  Buddha made of hematite and a hand made silk tassel in a beautiful dark grey color.

*This item has been handmade in Canada with care and attention and has been cleansed with sage prior to shipping. This picture is a representation of what your piece may look like but due to variations in natural stones your piece may not look exactly like the one shown but will have its own unique character.

Your Mala will come in a signature Lillie Rose cotton jewelry pouch with a gemstone information card.

Length approximately 17 inches including tassel