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How do I measure my wrist for the perfect fit?

All gemstone bracelets come in several different sizes. In order to determine your wrist size please follow these steps:

Step 1: Measure your wrist with a flexible measuring tape (found at most sewing or craft stores) or a piece of string or yarn just below the wrist bone, where your bracelet would normally be worn.

Step 2: If you are using a piece of string or yarn either cut it to size or mark with a pen and then compare this length to a ruler to get your bracelet size. This measurement should be taken in inches.

Step 3: Determine your desired fit. For a snug fit add ¼’ to ½”. For a comfortable fit add ¾” to 1”.

If your size is not available please contact us to have a custom size created just for you.

What if an item you want is not in stock or not available in your size?

Since most items are hand made to size please contact us directly if you see something you like that is listed as being out of stock or not available in your size. We can't guarantee it will be available but in many cases an item can be custom made just for you!


Jewelry Care

How should I store and care for my mala and gemstone bracelets?

All jewelry will come in either an organza or a signature Lillie Rose cotton jewelry pouch. As some gemstones are softer than others, and may be scratched or damaged if not careful, it is best to store each piece individually in the pouch it came in. Please remember to remove your gemstone jewelry when bathing, swimming or participating in vigorous physical activity. These activities may lead to your bracelet or mala breaking and/or damage to the gemstones and findings in which they are made.

Will my mala or bracelet be exactly the same as the one shown?

The pictures shown on the site are a representation of what your piece will look like but due to variations in natural stones your piece may not look exactly like the one shown in the picture but will be very similar with its own unique beauty and character.

What are your spacers, charms, and other findings made of?

In an effort to keep the cost of our jewelry affordable to all we use a variety of quality findings and charms in our jewelry. Many of our items, but not all, are brass which has been plated in either 18k gold or silver. Please read the description for the pieces that you are interested in.

Is it safe for a small child to wear our bracelets?

Yes, but only under direct supervision by an adult. Children may excessively stretch their bracelet greatly increasing the risk of breakage and the potential to then swallow and choke on the small beads.

Has my jewelry been cleansed and what does this mean?

Crystals hold powerful healing vibrations which can be used to bring luck, ease your worries, attract success or love etc. They can also absorb negative energy and as such you may want to cleanse and recharge them periodically.

Prior to shipping all of our jewelry has been cleansed with sage to remove any negative energy. You may want to charge your crystals periodically in either the sunlight or the light of the full moon for 24 hours. Please note, some crystals such as amethyst, may fade in direct sunlight so please be cautious.

What should I do if my mala breaks?

In the unlikely case your mala breaks you have several options.

Traditionally having your mala break symbolizes you have broken an old pattern you were working through. This may actually be a good thing and may mean it is time to set a new intention and may be the perfect opportunity to purchase a new mala.

However, others may not want to do this, and may choose to have their mala restrung at a cost of $20.00 plus the cost of shipping. If your mala breaks within the first month your mala will be restrung at no cost to you. Please contact us directly and we will provide you with further instructions.

What is the Bali Lillie Rose Collection?

This is a collection of beautiful necklaces and earrings that have been imported from Bali.

All of the pieces are made of brass. The brass has been polished and coated so it will not tarnish and looks like gold. The silver color is simply the brass piece plated or coated with .925 silver. All pieces are nickel free and hypoallergenic. The posts and the butterflies on the earrings are .925 silver.