Calm Single Wrap Bracelet

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White agate is is a calming and protective stone that can help overcome negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras. Amethyst can be used to either calm or stimulate the mind depending on the situation. It can also enhance intuition and help to repel negative energy.

This is a single wrap bracelet in shades of black, white, and purple. It has been made with 6 mm agate and amethyst beads as well as black and purple czech glass beads and black waxed cotton cording.

* These bracelets are designed to fit a variety of wrist sizes depending on the desired fit. If your wrist measurement is on the lower end of the size chart  it will result in a looser fit whereas at the higher end it will be a tighter fit. As this item is custom made upon ordering please allow 7 days for your item to be made and sent to you.

This item has been handmade in Canada with care and attention and has been cleansed with sage prior to shipping. This picture is a representation of what your piece may look like but due to variations in natural stones your piece may not look exactly like the one shown but will have its own unique character.